Bjarki Holm

I am an enterprise software entrepreneur with a long experience of designing and bringing products to market. My career combines academic research with the translation of complex data analysis to practical end-user applications. In my current role I lead the development of smart data applications at Lucidworks, the commercial backers of the open-source Solr search platform. Prior to that I was the CTO and co-principal of Twigkit, which was acquired by Lucidworks in 2017.

My academic research focuses on the interplay of formal logic and computational complexity. I did my Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge on the descriptive complexity of linear algebra, studying the formalisation of polynomial-time complexity in logical languages that prohibit arbitrary choice. I am @bjarkiholm on Twitter and you can find my CV on LinkedIn. You can also contact my directly using my Gmail address {firstName.lastName}.

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